Poker Lingo with BigPlaya: Getting the 411 on “Read,” “Runner-Runner,” and “Rainbow”

BigPlaya BigPlaya
March 8, 2022

Hey there, fellow card slingers! BigPlaya here, just chilling with my teh tarik, soaking in the Malaysian sun, and thinking… why not drop some poker knowledge bombs today? You see, whenever I’m at a poker table (be it at a local joint or some fancy online casino), I hear terms that make some peeps go, “Huh?” Let’s clear the air and make sure you’re not that person. Ready? Let’s do this!

1. Read

BigPlaya’s take: Imagine you’re at your fav mamak stall, and the waiter already knows you want that roti kosong and teh ais. That’s a “read” right there! In poker, when someone says they’ve got a “read” on you, it means they think they’ve figured out your play style or picked up on a tell. It’s like when Auntie Mala knows you’re lying about having eaten already, just by looking at you. If someone claims they’ve got a read on you, better switch things up a bit or play those cards closer to your chest, bro!

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2. Runner-Runner

BigPlaya’s explanation: Alright, you know those movies where the hero is in a tight spot and then boom – one miracle happens, and then another, and he’s outta there? That’s your “runner-runner” in poker. Say you’re hoping for two specific cards to save your hand, and you get them one after the other. That’s hitting it “runner-runner”. It’s like craving rojak and cendol and finding both at the same stall. Sweet, but super rare!

3. Rainbow

BigPlaya dives in: No, we’re not talking about the gorgeous band of colors in the sky after rain in KL. In poker, a “rainbow” refers to a flop where all three cards are of different suits. So if you’ve got a Heart, a Spade, and a Diamond on the flop, that’s a rainbow right there. It’s the equivalent of getting a mix of all your favorite Malaysian dishes on a plate – nasi lemak, satay, and popiah all at once. It looks good, but in poker, it means there’s a lower chance of someone getting a flush. And hey, in the game, variety is spice!

Alright, my poker pals, that’s your crash course for today. Remember, the game’s not just about the cards you’ve got, but how well you know the lingo and the play. And now you know a tad more! So next time you’re on the poker table, and someone’s talking about a ‘rainbow’ or getting a ‘read’, you can nod knowingly and sip your drink, all suave.

Keep those chips stacking and remember, BigPlaya’s always here with more tips and tricks for ya. Selamat bermain! 🃏🤘

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