Online casinos reviews that accept players from Malaysia – Tested with real money!

Below are my top 3 casino picks for Malaysian players. Its never smart to gamble, but if your gonna do it anyway, choose the best online casino Malaysia in 2024.


Because I have this website, Malaysian casinos send me invites to join their casinos. Most of them are clones with crappy tech and bonuses.

The list below is handpicked by me and I vouch for all these brands. If you have any problems with the brands below, contact me and I will use my influence to help you.

You can also watch videos of me playing high-stakes poker at Malaysian friendly sites here

BK8 Malaysia review 2024 (288% Bonus + Secrets)

  • Aston Villa Sponsor – VIP trips
  • Trusted by Malaysian players
  • Great odds
  • VIP Program
  • Accepts Malaysian Banks/Crypto/Card
300 MYR 100% Sports Bonus
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100cuci Casino Review 2024: Free Credit, Bonuses

  • New member 5 RM Free credit
  • 50% Bonus up-to 388 MYR
  • Clean reputation
  • Malaysian market focus
  • Need WhatsApp to register
50% Up To RM 388 Slots + RM 5 Free Credit
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365cuci Casino 2024 Review – Where Malaysian Gaming Dreams Come True

  • Focused only on Malaysian market
  • Very low minimum deposit of 1RM
  • 365cuci Free credit 1RM daily
  • 365cuci slot 1RM free credit daily
  • Website only in Malay
100% Up To RM 388 Slots + RM 5 Free Credit
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New casinos that accept Malaysian players

Here all the new casinos will appear that I have reviewed, not all of them have made the “Trusted online casino Malaysia 2024” list so be careful!

Check out my latest betting tips (coming soon)

Here will be my tips for upcoming Premier League games and Malaysian league

Malaysian Poker News

Best Online Casino Malaysia 2024 is BK8

We’re diving deep into the glitzy world of the best online casinos in Malaysia. Now, I ain’t just talking outta my hat – before I even mention a casino here, you better believe I’ve tested it out with my own cash! Yep, real money plays only. Every casino on my list rolls out the red carpet for us Malaysians. From brand reputation to those sweet welcome bonuses tailored just for us, and of course, those handy local deposit options. Ready to find out who’s truly top-tier in the casino game? Stay locked in!

BK8 Malaysia review 2024 (288% Bonus + Secrets)

300 MYR 100% Sports Bonus

Best Online Poker Bonuses for Malaysians

BigPlaya in the house, and we’re about to embark on a sweet journey through the juiciest online poker bonuses just waiting for us Malaysians. Now, I ain’t just skimming the surface. I’ve gone all-in, digging deep to bring you deals that’ll have you feeling like poker royalty. From no-deposit bonuses to those big match-ups, every bonus I chat about here offers the best bang for your ringgit. Ready to elevate your poker game with some top-notch bonuses? Let’s get that chip stack growing

Welcome Bonus

W88 Malaysia review by BigPlaya

  • Trusted International brand
  • Malaysian customer support, telegram group.
  • Wide Variety of Payment Methods
100% Up To RM 600 Slots + RM 1088 Sports Betting
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W88 is located in the Philippines and offers Malaysian players safe access to online casino games and sports betting

Do you have a question about gambling from Malaysia?

Im ready to tackle all your burning questions about the gambling scene in Malaysia. Been wondering about the rules, the ins-and-outs, or just need some insider tips? Look no further. I’ve been around the block, tried my luck, and I’m here to spill the beans. So, if you’ve got a question, throw it down! Ready for some real talk on gambling in our neck of the woods? Dive in and let’s get those queries answered!

  • Is online gambling legal in Malaysia?

    Online gambling is not legal in Malaysia. However there are many international trusted online casino brands who publicly accept Malaysian players.

  • Are online casinos trusted?

    Not all online casinos are trusted, but if you choose bigger well-known brands you are safe.

  • Can I make money with online gambling?

    No, online gambling should be a form of fun. Statistically you will not make money, however you can get lucky with jackpots. Its similar to lottery in that way, big winners are profitable but 99,9% lose money.

  • What is a trusted online casino in Malaysia for 2024?

    When Im talking “trusted online casino for 2024,” we’re chatting about those top-notch gaming spots that everyone’s raving about this year. The ones that tick all the boxes in terms of legit practices and cool vibes. You know, the ones you’d happily recommend to your cousin Ali!

  • How do you determine the trustworthiness of an online casino in Malaysia?

    It’s a combo of things! It’s like checking if that street food stall is legit. Look for valid licenses, peep at user reviews, and make sure they’re playing by the rules. If other Malaysians are vibing with it, you’re on the right track.

  • How do I know if a Malaysia online casino accepts players from my region?

    Bro, just hit up their T&Cs page or drop their customer service a line. It’s like asking if they deliver to your kampung – always best to check!

  • Are the casinos listed on your site updated for the 2024 standards?

  • Can I play on mobile at the trusted online casino Malaysia 2024 platforms you recommend?

    Of course, lah! It’s 2024, bro. Most of these places have got their game on point for mobile. It’s all about gaming on the move now!

  • Do the recommended online casinos for 2024 offer bonuses and promotions?

    Oh yeah, they do! It’s like getting that extra ayam percik stick for free. But heads up, always check the small print before diving in, ya?

How do I help Malaysian casino players

I’m here to have your back in the vibrant world of Malaysian casinos. Ever hit a snag and wondered if a casino is legit? Or got tangled in a dispute that’s going nowhere? Stress no more. I roll deep in this game and can help you determine if a casino is trusted. Plus, with my connections in international gambling forums, I’ve got the chops to step in, contact those big casino names, and help sort things out. You’re not in this alone – BigPlaya’s gotchu. Let’s keep that casino experience smooth and legit!


Legit reviews

I join each site, check the bonuses and games with real money.


Malaysia focused

As Im currently living in Malaysia, I have the same issues as native Malasyian players. Except that I can talk publicly about ( Well okay as a virtual character)


Real gameplay videos

I try to make screen recording about my sessions. I believe that video is more trustable than boring text based reviews. If you have specific things that you want to see me record contact me and I will do my best!