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We88 casino Review for Malaysian players ( All bonuses)

In the bustling world of online casinos, it’s a daunting task to find a platform that offers a seamless blend of variety, entertainment, and authenticity. When the name “We88 Casino” cropped up consistently in online chatter among Malaysian gamblers, I was intrigued. It seemed to be a casino platform that was gaining traction rapidly, and I had to know why. So, I took the plunge and deposited 500RM into We88 to see if it lives up to the hype. I specifically aimed to test their slots, engage with their live dealer games, and, of course, dabble in sports betting. This review details my firsthand experience and aims to provide clarity for any Malaysian looking to spin the wheel or place a wager on WE88 casino.

What bonuses can Malaysians claim at WE88 casino?

One of the foremost attractions of any online casino is its bonus structure. A robust promotional campaign can significantly elevate a player’s gaming experience, providing them with more opportunities to play and win. Upon diving into We88’s offerings, I was greeted with an array of bonuses tailored specifically for Malaysian players.

1. Welcome Bonus: Newcomers to We88 are treated with a warm welcome. There’s a “Welcome Combo Pack” up for grabs, as well as a 100% Welcome Bonus specifically curated for first-time online casino players. It was impressive to see the platform’s commitment to making the initial gaming journey as lucrative as possible.

2. Special Slots Bonus: Slot enthusiasts are in for a treat. We88 offers a “Special Welcome Bonus for Slots Players,” ensuring that those who love the spin and win mechanism of slot games get added value for their deposits.

3. Sports & Esports Welcome Bonus: Understanding the burgeoning popularity of sports and esports betting, We88 offers a substantial 150% welcome bonus for enthusiasts in this category. This inclusion ensures that sports fanatics get more bang for their buck when placing bets on their favourite teams or players.

4. Deposit Bonus: Every time you deposit at We88 Casino, there’s an opportunity to earn a Deposit Bonus. It’s a continuous incentive for regular players, ensuring they always get a little extra with every top-up.

5. Weekly Cash Rebate: If you’re into online betting, this perk might catch your attention. We88 offers a weekly cash rebate on online betting, rewarding consistency and loyalty.

6. Unlimited Referral Bonus: In a bid to expand its community, We88 encourages players to invite their friends to the platform. In return, players can earn an unlimited referral bonus, making it a win-win for both the referrer and the referee.

Conclusion: It’s evident that We88 has carefully crafted its bonus offerings to cater to a wide range of players. Whether you’re a slots lover, a sports betting enthusiast, or just a casual gamer looking to multiply your deposit, there’s something in store for everyone. This diverse promotional range adds significant value to the player’s journey, making gaming on We88 a delightful experience.

Is We88 a Trusted Casino Brand for Malaysian Players?

Absolutely, We88 confidently secures a spot on our list of top trusted online casinos in Malaysia. This brand has managed to establish a pristine reputation, showcasing reliability and commitment to providing an exceptional gambling experience. The wide array of bonuses available serves as a testament to their dedication to meeting players’ needs, ensuring there are ample opportunities for users to augment their gameplay experience.

Moreover, We88’s popularity is not confined to Malaysia alone; it’s witnessing a burgeoning presence in Singapore as well. The growing clientele in both regions is indicative of the trust and satisfaction level of the users, reflecting the brand’s success in offering a secure and enriching gaming environment.

For Malaysian players seeking a blend of trustworthiness and exciting gaming experience, We88 emerges as a notable choice, aligning with the preferences and requirements of both novice and experienced gamblers alike.

We88 online casino game selection

Alright, so you want the scoop on WE88’s game lineup? Let me break it down for you. They’ve got a pretty impressive spread, and it feels like they’ve thought of just about everything.

1. Slots: First off, if you’re into slots (and who isn’t?), they’ve teamed up with some big names like Playtech and Mega888. This means you get a mix of those classic games we all love and some of the newer, flashier video slots. Trust me; it’s a good time.

2. Live Casino: Now, if you’re craving that real casino vibe, their live dealer games are top-tier. Think real-time action, professional dealers, and all the thrills of games like blackjack and roulette. It’s as close as you can get to being in a real casino without leaving your couch.

3. Sports Betting: For the sports fans out there, they’ve got a sweet sports betting platform. I’ve seen people place bets on everything from football to basketball. And yes, NBA betting? It’s a big deal here.

4. 4D Lottery: Ever tried your luck with the 4D lottery? If not, WE88 gives you a shot at it. It’s a different kind of thrill, and who knows? Lady Luck might just be on your side.

5. Poker: And let’s not forget poker. Whether you’re the strategic type or just play for the fun of it, they’ve got a poker game for you.

Popular Picks: Now, among all these options, there are a few games that folks just can’t get enough of. We’re talking about the likes of Starburst slots, Live Roulette, and of course, Texas Hold’em Poker.

So there you have it. WE88 isn’t just throwing games at the wall and seeing what sticks; they’ve crafted a diverse and engaging selection. Whether you’re spinning, strategizing, or betting on your favorite team, they’ve got your back. It’s no wonder they’re making waves in Malaysia.

WE88 casino deposit methods

So, thinking of giving We88 a spin? Cool! Here’s how to get your money in, whether you’re using your mobile or desktop.

Mobile Version

  • Getting Started: Got an account with We88? Brilliant! Sign in, and you’ll land on the homepage.
  • Finding ‘Deposit’: Check the middle of the page and hit the “Deposit” button.
  • Choices, Choices: Payment Gateway, online banking, ATM Cash Deposit, or Crypto. Take your pick!
  • Special Deals: There’s always a promotion or two hanging around. Choose one if you fancy or skip it. Click “Next” when you’re ready.
  • Check and Double-Check: A summary pops up. If everything looks good, hit “Next”. If not, you can always go back.
  • Details: Plan to deposit RM30 or more. Choose your bank and fill in the needed info.
  • Quick Notes:
    • Payment Gateway requires at least RM50. After you’ve selected, you’ll be guided to complete your payment. Hang tight; it takes a few minutes.
    • Using ATM Cash Deposit? Speed things up by uploading your receipt.

Desktop Version

  • Kick Things Off: Log in and hop into the “E-Wallet”.
  • Heading to Deposit: Once in, click “Deposit”.
  • Way to Pay: Options galore! Payment Gateway, Online Banking, QR Pay, or Crypto.
    • Payment Gateway: Minimum of MYR50 required. A couple of clicks and you’ll be off to a new window to wrap things up.
    • Online Banking & ATM: At least MYR30 to play. Fill out the details, choose your bank, and specify the amount. Opt for a promo or just proceed. Hit “Submit” to finalize.
    • QR Pay: Open your Touch N’ Go or Bank app, scan, and transfer.
    • Crypto: Select this method, fill in the details, use your USDT app, scan and transfer.

Keep In Mind:

  • Funds via Online Banking or ATM take about 3-5 minutes to process. Thanks, bank processing times!
  • Please, don’t use someone else’s bank account. It’s a no-go. If you do, the money’s heading back to the account owner.
  • If you deposit without a promo, you gotta play at least x1 turnover before you can withdraw.
  • Fancy a treat? Deposit now and grab a welcome bonus up to 100% at We88! And don’t forget to peek at other promotions you might qualify for.

Your Moves on Record: Want to see your history? It’s all there: deposits, withdrawals, transfers, promos, and bets. So you always know where you stand.

How to withdraw from WE88?

Thinking of taking out some of your winnings from WE88? No sweat! Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, here’s your simple step-by-step guide.

Mobile Version

  • Starting Up: So, you’re on your WE88 account? Great! Look in the middle of the page, and you’ll find the “Withdraw” button. Give it a tap.
  • Amount & Bank: Decide how much you want to pocket, and choose where it’s going. Your bank, I mean.
  • Wrap It Up: Hit that “Submit” button, and you’re almost there.

Desktop Version

  • Step One: After logging in, dive straight into your “E-Wallet”.
  • Step Two: Click “Withdrawal”. Yep, it’s all about getting that money.
  • Banking Bits: Here, you’ll see two options: a bank you’ve used before or adding a new one. Choose what suits you.
  • Finish Line: Click “Withdraw”, and you’re good. Your money’s on its way.

A Few Things to Remember:

  • You’ve got options for the bank transfer: Maybank, CIMB Bank, the list goes on. But hey, no third-party bank accounts, alright? Or the money just loops back to the game account.
  • Hit that turnover requirement before you think of withdrawing.
  • Made a deposit without opting for a promo? Play at least x1 turnover before waving goodbye to your funds.
  • The transfer takes a hot minute. 15-30, to be precise. That’s down to your bank’s speed, not WE88’s.
  • Again, no third-party bank accounts for withdrawals. If that’s tried, your money’s just going back to the game account.
  • Fancy withdrawing more than once? You can pull out up to 5 times daily, but don’t go over MYR50,000 in total. Keep it in that ballpark.


WE88 offers Malaysian players a full online casino solution. From sports betting to casino games they have it all. Its not the oldest brand so they dont have big partnerships yet, but I have a feeling this may happen with time.

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